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Invest in solar projects


Green Enpower is offering high impact, fixed-income debt fund opportunities, with vetted portfolios comprised of emerging solar investments market. Find out more about investing with us below:


  • We are looking for debt funders to partner in debt fund offerings with investors including development finance institutions, impact investors, accredited investors, family offices, foundations, high net worth individuals and other institutional investors offering access to the solar sector so they can put their money to work in this rapidly growing and impactful market.

  • We structure our investments around our partners’ objectives with flexible options and a streamlined process.

  • We are working to unlock capital for solar energy projects in a sector that still faces a lack of commercially-scalable financing and bring in a full spectrum of investors so that the sector can achieve true scalability.

  • Scaling up solar in places that need it the most requires debt financing with a deep understanding of the market. Green Enpower acts as the financial bridge between those who want to invest in this rapidly emerging sector, and those who need funding to facilitate their energy needs.

Looking to fund a project or have a project idea we could help you with?

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