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Solar for all; what's in it for you?

Solar Homes
Homes or residences

Gain energy independence

with reliable power from the Sun and boost your savings.

Solar for Institutes and organisations
Institutes & organisations

Show your commitment to sustainability. Communities tend to chose organizations acting responsibly.

Commercial solar
Commercial Spaces

Increase your bottom-lines with solar energy also receive additional tax benefits.

Solar for Industries

Earn carbon credits or renewable energy credits.

Gain tax incentives and

benefits of market affinity to sustainable produce.

Green Enpower specializes in harnessing solar energy for all roof types. We provide customised PV solutions, for energy intensive residences, commercial/ non-commercial establishments and industries. With an efficient team, developing the most cost-effective and energy-efficient Solar plants in the industry, Green Enpower positions itself as an end-to-end solutions provider.

Contact us today, and let's talk about ways we can work together toward a world powered with renewable energy.

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