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How many solar panels will my house need?

So, you’re ready for a highly efficient solar system on your roof. Wondering what size of solar system should you have?

We understand it’s pretty natural to be concerned about the things of utmost importance and guessing the size of installation is probably the first thing that comes to our mind, when it comes to owning a personal power plant. But we believe that every household is going to be different due to a number of reasons, that’s why our solar experts are here to help you through all the technical stuff. But, it's also important to be well informed, and so we are likely to suggest that instead of wracking your brain over something like, “How many solar panels will I need?” or “What kind of inverter do I buy?” you should prepare yourself by asking these questions instead:

1. How much power do I need?

Check your electricity bills to see how many units (kWh) of electricity you use on a monthly basis. A typical 2 kW system generates 9 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day but your home may need more or less. We’ll go over this in more detail during your free solar consultation to figure out just how much power your solar system will need to produce in order to power your home.

2. How much direct sun hits your roof?

In general, you’ll need around 100 square feet of south-facing roof space for every kilowatt of solar installation. Clouds? No problem, the sun can handle it. Actually, it’s shadows from chimneys, trees, or taller buildings that are a bigger obstacle for the sun’s rays.

Knowing your energy consumption, you can calculate how many panels you will need and the shadow-free roof area tells you, how many panels will your roof support. So, basically the size of your installation depends upon the availability of shadow-free roof area on your property and your electricity bill consumption. Having a fair judgement of both these things will help you in arriving at the answers quickly and easily.

There are still a few other things to consider before finalizing your installation like, the mechanical strength of your roof and seasonal variations. But don’t worry about all those things, they should be taken care of when you hire a professional to do it for you, as you have got bigger and better things to take care of, which is why Green Enpower is here to help you in handling all the details and making all the necessary arrangements. Not only do we have professionals to assist you with it, but we are also backed by our years of experience and innumerable customer interactions in the industry, to help you figure out as to what could work best and how to create a customized system that maximizes your energy production.


Even if you don’t have all the answers, consider them as a starting point towards solar success. And don’t worry—we’ll tell you how many solar panels you’ll need too. Just book your free solar consultation with our experts and have all your queries solved.




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